The iWatch By ADR Studios Is Perfect For iPhone Users

When it comes to design, the Italians know a thing or two about it. Contrary to its name, the iWatch doesn’t come from the hipster stables of Apple, and is a concept by ADR Studios, an Italian design company.

The think tank at ADR Studios like many other Apple obsessed beings have also conceptualized the mythical iPhone 5 in the past and we admit, we are quite digging their work related to everything Apple.

Taking an alternate design path, their iPhone accessory is basically a watch that can be paired with the most famous smartphone family. Something tells us, that  the Apple Nano and its watch based accessories played Muse in this case.

So what does the iWatch have to offer (well, in an alternate universe at least) to the Apple fanboys and fangirls? For starters a sleek polycarbonate body that grabs eyeballs instantly. The iWatch is not pedestrian in anyway and takes a gloriously geeky approach to horology. 

Once you take eyes off the chic design, you will realize that the iWatch also doesn’t skimp on the connectivity options and comes with Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth and even  32GB of internal storage. Those whose alter ego is a Bond or an Ethan Hunt will also appreciate the FaceTime camera and access to nifty widgets like RSS and weather. The fact that it is pretty much indestructible, since the casing is made of polycarbonate, aluminum, Kevlar and PK2, further adds to its James Bondish appeal! So while it is a highly unlikely design possibility, the iWatch does have the design chops to catch our attention and it is impossible not to wish for the same specs.

The iWatch is not just a spin-off on the iOS family and has been designed to work in complete harmony with the mighty iPhone. It can be paired with the iPhone and you can use it to receive or make calls and can even ignore calls (depends where you stand on the social scale) by glancing at the uber-cool display.

The iWatch is a great, albeit ambitious attempt by ADR Studios and if it ever hits mass production, it can be quite a success. The Apple phenomena keeps growing every minute, so maybe the iWatch should make an appearance on Kickstarter?