Adjustable, Portable and Geeky iZel iPhone Stand

The day I got my iPhone, I was really all excited, with its awesome cool features and applications, a perfect company to carry everywhere. I am sure there’s your laptop to access net or many other programs at home, but well, iPhone too can be put too many uses, without keeping your hands occupied, with the iZel iPhone stand.

One thing I can guarantee you, using this stand will not take away the elegance of your beloved iPhone, but in fact it might just look more worthy, for it makes the usage of iPhone very feasible, just like the Spoon and the Forks stand, while letting you watch movies, listen to songs, lets you make calls, securing the phone in the stand.

The iZel concept is totally an American product this stand secures its arms around the devices to let it hold gadgets like iPhone, gaming devices or other similar sized cell phones. iZel can be flattened when you’d wish to carry it, weighing only 1.3 ounces and has adjustable bands to set the width or height.

One more plus point about this stand is that its rubber plated body prevents any scratches across your phone and prevents slipping across the desk. iZel is available in black, or if you prefer a tinge of funkiness, its available in pink too for $34.80.

If you’re on lookout for some more trendy stands to beautify your iPhone, probably Laser-cut iPhone Stand or Dreamcast iPhone Dock might suit your choice.