Beautiful Tree-Inspired Skins for Your iPhone 4

Your iPhone 4 arguably holds a very special place in your heart. And the guys at Trunket seem to realize just that. Instead of giving you a flimsy, tasteless shell, the Trunket iPhone 4 skins are unique and distinctive of your personality. They are fine and not like plastic coverings for your partner in crime. Made of wood, these skins are exquisitely handcrafted and made of wood, and are good to feel and even better to look at.The wood is of an extremely high quality- American Rosewood, for those of you who wish to check on it. The product is nowhere near being feeble. Its sleekness and inimitability cannot be emphasized on enough and this is what sets itself apart. Trunket claims the inspiration for the product in nature and the end result is a breath of fresh air- aesthetic and remarkably appealing, with a contemporary touch to it. The Trunket Skins are swabbed with different washes and are sponged down with finishes that gives you a large variety to choose from. Each represents an exclusive theme and all the colours are rich and are sure to cater to refined tastes. There are plenty of options – six to be exact; and that’s quite a lot for iPhone 4 skins.

With trunket skins, you have multiple options to choose from and each skin theme has its own distinctiveness. The first is the Sea Blue model, which is sluiced in shades of blue, ranging from dark midnight sapphire to cobalt blue. Despite being a very different colour, it still manages to retain the grainy look of wood in its background. Lush and lavish to look at, it’s a very interesting choice. Similar to this tone is Violet. A fiery kind of hue, it flaunts a deluxe magenta tint to it. A deep look at it might make you drift away into the world of wine-tasting. Much darker and cavernous in nature is Jet Black. Virile, stylish, and furtive-looking, you will know if you are destined to own this one.

Moving on some of the lighter shades, we have the sizzling Blood Red. Brazenly bold, it is the very colour of the original rosewood. Sublime and magnificent, it is a skin that only chosen few can sport on their iPhone 4s. If this is not your thing, fear not. Trunket brings to you Hickory and Orange. The Hickory Skin is sure to make you crave for some bonbon, every time you look at it. It looks like it has chocolate melted all over it and it does not get any more fulsome. And lastly, and perhaps the closest to nature, is Orange. With its ochre tones, it brings out the feel of wood in its natural environment like no other. If “au naturale” is your thing, then your Trunket Skin has already been picked out for you.

Pick one and you are definitely falling in love with it.  Charges are extra for embossment of the brand name and the Trunket Elephant logo.

Finally, this is a relief from the conventional iPhone covers. Also, take a look at Iapeel iPhone Skins and Custom Wood iPhone Covers.

Via : Trunket