Make Your Very Own Jabba the Hut Pillow

The recently released “Star Wars Craft Book” has a fantastic design for a do-it-yourself Jabba the Hut pillow sewing project.  Make your own and you can cuddle up to this vile gangster of a pillow.

First off, a fair warning: this version of Jabba the Hut definitely shows a finished product created by someone with some sewing skills. Jennifer Landa, the creator of the pictured Jabba pillow, has done a fantastic job.  Not to say a novice couldn’t have as nice a finished product, but there is some skill involved.

To begin your Jabba pillow, you’ll be requiring the following:

  • Large green fleece pillow or fleece fabric & beige fleece fabric
  • Beige, black and orange felt
  • White string or ribbon
  • Green, black beige and orange thread and sewing needle
  • Extra stuffing
  • One large pillow/ two to three regular-sized pillow / two small pillows
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors

The project involves stacking and sewing the pillows together, cutting out the green fabric to fit around Jabba and adding fabric for a stuffing-filled tale, cutting out the beige fleece for his face, pinning and sewing all this together.   Then cut out the pieces of felt to prepare to put the eyes together and sew them on, as well as the mouth and nostrils. Jennifer also added some arms.

Overall, this isn’t a very difficult project to pull together. Thankfully, the final pillow is a lot cuter than the real Jabba the Hut. Just be sure to take  your time and try and do a clean job with your sewing. The “Star Wars Craft Book” has some other really cool non-sewing based projects if a thread and needle isn’t quite your thing, so be sure to check it out.

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Via: Craziest Gadgets