Cool Custom Donkey Kong Cyborg

Donkey Kong sure has come a long way. Over the years, he’s taken many shapes and forms, but this is by far one of the most high tech.

Sporting a mechanical frame, this metal monkey was created by Donald Kennedy, known on Flickr as kodykoala. Kennedy wanted to put together a cyborg version of the NES villain turned SNES good guy that showed off a bit of what’s really on the inside of Donkey Kong.

Beneath the barrel throwing biceps are nuts and bolts, metal plates, and a whole lot of wiring. If you ever thought Donkey Kong’s personality was a little cold, this figure shows you why. It’s because he’s made of cold steel. Super Smash Bros. opponents would stand zero chance of defeating the tie-wearing ground-slapping gorilla with these robotic additions.

Built with a Donkey Kong Vinyl and parts from other builds, Kennedy pieced together the primate and included detailed battle damage, to make it seem like DK is not having the easiest time in the big metal jungle.

The Donkey Kong cyborg is one of many NES characters that Kennedy has mechanized. Other works include Yoshi Mech, MegaMan Anatomy, Mario Bros. Mech, and many others. Kennedy sometimes sells his creations, so check his site to find some of his other unique pieces of art.

This cool statue would make a great addition to any NES-lovers workspace, especially if you’re in the business of barrel shipping or princess capturing.

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Via: kodykoala Flickr / KodyKoala