Go Green with Jabba The Hutt Inspired Footwear

Movies are created in various genres and for varying audiences. There are, however, some movies that hold a charm for all ages and for all times to come. One such movie, or shall we say saga, is Star Wars. Decades have gone by but its fan following has never seen a dip.

Popularity of a particular movie or a character leads to the production of merchandise representing them. Star Wars is no exception. Over the years we have seen scores of Star Wars merchandise being floated in the market by various brands. Adidas, a leading brand in sportswear came up with a series of shoes based on the characters of the movie.

Now how do you have shoes based on movie characters? It is not an easy job to accomplish but when you look at these shoes you are sure to find the traces of the character in the shoe design. The footwear being discussed here represents the characters of Jabba the Hutt. If you are a Star Wars fan you must be well aware of this character and associating the footwear with it will be no big deal.

Jabba the Hutt is a green colored slug like creature and has a rather slimy appearance. Same is the appearance of the Jabba the Hutt Altitude Hi sneakers. You cannot stop yourself from admiring the Jabba picture on the tongue and the tattoo on the heel. The texture of the shoe is very close to that what might have been of Jabba himself.

Jabba the Hutt, an illusory character, is believed to be a mixture of a toad and cat. Despite its slick form, it has gained wide appreciation in three of the Star War movies. In addition to this, it has multiple mind-boggling collectibles dedicated to its honor. This includes slimy looking Jabba the Hutt cake, costumes, games and figures.

Certain colors are associated with peculiar characteristics like red symbolizes anger/passion and blue defines power and elegance. Similar is the case with this green colored footwear inspired from the Star Wars character that was infamous for several crimes. You might find it to be too green but an association with Jabba the Hutt you will not mind the ‘greenery’.  In fact, this also motivates you to let your goody nature to take a back seat and let the other side of you come alive!

Star Wars has proved to be one of the top three highest grossing films of all times and all the merchandise dedicated to this series is proof of its popularity. Grab a pair of these sneakers and flaunt off your fascination for one of the greatest movies of all times. Don a gangster look by wearing the Jabba Hutt footwear and flaunt it amongst your friends and foes alike!

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Via: Super Punch