Sewing Machines Stitching Together an Orchestra

How many sewing machines can you use at one point of time? Or let us say what uses can you put your sewing machine to? Both questions might sound absurd but when you have seen the Sewing Machine Orchestra you might want to rethink over the answers to the questions.

The Sewing Machine Orchestra has been brought to us by Martin Messier. Sounds of eight vintage sewing machines have been amplified by micro-contacts and computer processes. Together they create an audio installation that tickles the imagination of the listener. Try listening to the audio with your eyes shut. Even if you have been well acquainted with the sounds produced by the sewing machine you will not be able to identify the machine here. This is the basic sound used in the entire show which has acoustic sounds produced by the stitching devices. Here they might not be stitching dresses but are definitely stitching together notes to produce a melodious sound. And the whole performance is completed without any human intervention.

The entire orchestra is not just about sound but is better referred to as an audio and light show. With changing sounds you also get to see changing light effects. Both the sounds and the light perfectly gel together resulting in an entertainment show that looks complete in all aspects. You might even get the feeling of not having had enough of the show.

Sewing machines are quite an uncommon sight in today’s households. You might come across the electronic versions but not one of the vintage machines that were used manually. They did produce a pretty lot of ‘noise’ but Martin Messier decided to use this ‘noise’ to produce ‘music’. This is an absolutely innovative idea on his part. And this novel idea could not have been possible without the support of the Canada Council of the Arts.

For those who have grown up in families owning a sewing machine there must be various memories revolving around the machine. When a mere look at them brings back nostalgic moments imagine what would happen at its sound.

This is the age of the computers and even simple things can be made simpler. This Sewing Machine Orchestra was the result of technological advancements where eight machines were interlinked using computer programs and these microcontrollers also help affect particular parameters of the sewing machine.

There is no end to innovation. It can be in any field at any point of time but we need to keep a look out for them. Thanks Jamie for the tip!

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Via: M Messier