Junkbot: Robot Made from Old Computer Parts

Every day, millions of pieces of old computer hardware get chucked out all over the world. As computer technology increases, newer and newer gadgets become so much junk as we race to keep up with the latest generations of all our favorite gizmos. Most of those once cutting edge pieces of technological wonder end up in landfills, monuments to the hyperactive evolution of the modern age. But not all of them do.

Mike Schropp, perhaps moved by the lonely fate of all those cast aside chipboards, has created a very cool looking robot from the parts of old gadgets. After putting out a call for his friends and family’s old stuff, he amassed a collection of junk with which to build his masterpiece.

The resulting creation is not only a trenchant reminder of the physical waste created by our technophilia and all-consuming lust for the latest and greatest technology, it’s actually pretty cute.

Just look at the little guy staring at your with his adorable camera lens eyes and speaker mouth all agape. Have you ever seen a sweeter pile of trash in all your life? Mike Schropp has taken a pile of computer junk and created a little robot that not only saved some precious space in a landfill somewhere, but is also capable of melting hearts everywhere.

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Via: Total Geekdom