Star Wars LED Rubber Ducks

It’s an epic battle between the forces of good and evil … in your bathtub? That’s right: hardcore Star Wars fans can now re-enact their favourite scenes from the movie while getting themselves squeaky-clean in the process, with these Star Wars rubber duckies.

Conquer the depths of your tub as well as the depths of space! The website offers 4 different characters for you to choose from.

On the Rebel side:

Luke Skywalker (Luke Pondwalker)

He certainly seems to know his way around large bodies of water, considering he grew up on a desert planet.

Princess Leia (Princess Layer)

Unfortunately, this makes it sound as though she lays princesses instead of eggs.

On the side of the Empire:

Darth Vader (Duck Fader)

You have to wonder what his underwater Death Star would look like. Also, how would a quack sound coming through that mask?

Stormtrooper (Pondtrooper)

If you do purchase the Luke Skywalker duck, make sure you have about 50 of these guys bobbing around, considering their bad aim and easily-penetrated duck-armour.

It’s a pity there’s no Yoduck, or Obi Wan Quackobi. Ok, so the puns are horrific, but the ducks themselves are kind of cute. They light up too, if you’re a fan of underwater laser battles (and I know I am). The website proudly boasts that

‘Each duck features water activated multi-coloured phasing LEDs, creating atmospheric light for the bathroom.’

A word of caution though: if you’re ever in a romantic situation in your bathroom, you probably shouldn’t whip out your collection of Star Wars ducks to create some atmospheric lighting up in the house.

Check out these awesome bathrooms in which to house your rubber duck collection. Or if you can’t afford to renovate your bathroom to accommodate your memorabilia, why not make your own punny action figure, namely the delightful Ham Solo.

Via: Hardware Sphere