Gadgets Just peachy? Robot feeds you tomatoes while you train

Just peachy? Robot feeds you tomatoes while you train

We are pretty happy with wearables becoming mainstream, but this goes beyond any stantard: this humanoid robot is Petit-Tomatan and it will sit on your shoulders and feed you tomatoes while you train.

Pêtit tomatan 1

You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to know that the key to get into shape is the proper balance between physical exercise and a proper diet, yet combining the two can sometimes be complicated. That is why Japanese company Kagome (specialized in selling juice) made a very special wearable, a humanoid robot that sits on top of a person and feeds them tomatoes while they train – and yes, you read that right.

The design came from the mind of the designers and artists at Maywa Denki, and its name is Petit-Tomatan. This was created as an advertising piece, and is not an actual product that will be up for sale, no matter how funny it is. The robot was used in last weekend’s Tokyo Marathon , and it’s not only hilarious but also perfectly functional with its timers regulating the tomato per minute rate. Would you wear one of these in your next training session?


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