Star Wars Pancakes Make for a Yummy & Geeky Breakfast

What is one to do when he tries to combine his fetish for great breakfasts and his love for Star Wars? Why, make Star Wars pancakes of course.

One might call Nathan Shields the best pop culture pancake artist in the world. The way he does it? It actually seems quite easy, although from personal experience, it requires more than just the ingredients and a frying pan. It requires talent, something I don’t have.

Darth Vader Pancake


Yoda Pancake





Boba Fett

If you’re planning on checking out some more wonderful pancake art, then go to Shield’s website, where you’ll find a horde of wonderful creations that are probably delicious as well.

As for those staying with us, there is plenty more Star Wars & food to enjoy: Another version of pancakes worth checking out or these vintage Star Wars snacks lost in time.