Kickball Ice Cream Maker combines sports & deliciousness

Of all the cool yet weird ideas we’ve seen around the web, this Kickball Ice Cream maker might take the cake… errr, ice cream.


The Kickball Ice Cream Maker is a simple concept: if you’re already going to kick a ball around and work a sweat, how about you make ice cream at the same time? It costs $35 USD at Hammacher Schlemmer, so you would only have to go into the supermarket to get the ingredients afterwards. As the creators explain, users just have to put cream, sugar, vanilla or any other flavoring inside one of the ball’s sealed compartment, and ice and rock salt into the second one. Then, after a quick game of football or soccer, depending which side of the Atlantic you live in, you get to enjoy up to one pint of ice cream. You’ll be enjoying something tasty and working out at the same time, which is pretty awesome!

Via Geekologie

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