The new Kindle is Waterproof! Get ready to dive into books

Some times, a company gives you something you didn’t know you wanted, but that it’s so good you just got to have it. Such is the case of the new Paperwhite Kindle, which is waterproof.


Amazon knew they were onto something when they released their very first Kindle. The classic e-Book reader has been getting better and better with each iteration, but now they’ve come up with an improvement we hadn’t even thought about, but is absolutely incredible: the new Kindle is completely water-proof! And of course they’d need to get on that eventually, for the kindle is the ultimate beach / swimming pool companion, so how come none of us realized we wanted a Waterfi-treated Kindle Paperwhite before?

This new version, dubbed Waterfi, ships the same as any other Kindle, in the original packaging, and sporting the same appearance, it just feels a little bit heavier. The only difference from the Kindle you already know and love is that you’ll be able to submerge it up (well, down) to 200 feet in either fresh or salt water, for as long as you want. It’s not just splash-resistant, you can literally read underwater if that’s your thing. Showering with your favorite book has now become a real, worth-considering possibility.

The Waterfi Kindle costs $239.99 with WiFi, but withouth ads, and $299.99 for the 3G version instead. That means that it’s $120 USD more expensive than the regular version, but hey, reading Moby Dick in the tub pays off by itself.

Source: TechCrunch

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