Super Mario Bros. Aquarium Edition – Your Fish Is In Another Castle

Check out this underwater fish paradise influenced by the first level of one of Nintendo’s classic video games.

Super Mario Bros. Aquarium by Kelsey Kronmiller image 1

Fishes can’t play video games. In fact, they can’t do much of anything. But I’m sure if they could appreciate the tireless work that one Kelsey Kronmiller and her boyfriend put into this awesome Super Mario Bros. aquarium, they’d applaud joyfully with their tiny flippers in cartoonish fashion.

Kelsey, a web developer and graphic designer by trade, was inspired by a similar-themed aquarium  constructed by a Nintendo diehard a few years back, and decided to create her own. She used the familiar 1-1 level from Super Mario Bros. on the NES as her central theme, starting with brown LEGO bricks to create the platforms and castles that appear throughout the famed Nintendo game directed by legendary game-maker, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Super Mario Bros. Aquarium by Kelsey Kronmiller image 3Super Mario Bros. Aquarium by Kelsey Kronmiller image 4

As for the warp pipes you see above, Kelsey repurposed PVC pipes and spray-painted them in lime green. They turned out pretty much dead-on. The flagpole, which Mario so fearlessly jumps to cap his level playthrough, meanwhile? Made out of an 11″ lollipop stick. Yup, if there’s anything to admire about this aquarium, it’s Kelsey’s ingenuity when putting it together, which according to her took about a little over two weeks to complete.

Super Mario Bros. Aquarium by Kelsey Kronmiller image 2

Every piece of the tank was also sprayed with Krylon Fusion to make it totally fish safe, waterproof, and eventually a fine home for whatever fishy friends Kelsey decides to put into this fantastic tank. Geeze, if I were I fish, I would jump at the chance to move in there.

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