Kinect With the Veltrobot

Feeling depressed? Lonely? Jaded? What you need is a connection, so check out the Veltrobot, a Kinect-controlled humanoid robot. Finally, a robot I can ‘Kinect’ with!


Engineered by Taylor Veltrop, the Veltrobot is a small human-shaped robot that is indirectly linked to a Microsoft Kinect control system. As the Kinect detects and interprets the user’s movements, it relays instructions to the Veltrobot to execute the same motions.

Its limbs endowed with a significant amount of freedom, the Veltrobot can echo a notable number of motions. Its arms can move any which way you want them to (except backward because it responds to the backward motion of one’s arm by moving its own forward). Waving, punching, scratching its head are all human-like actions the Veltrobot can execute. Heck, it can even do pushups and Pilates! That is, if its geeky user can do pushups and Pilates …

A clever mechanism within the Veltrobot is gyro-stabilization. Gyro-stabilization ensures that the Veltrobot can maintain its balance. You wouldn’t want the Veltrobot you’re ‘Kinected’ with to be toppling over all the time, would you?

The Veltrobot would be a wicked party toy, too. You and your buddies could take turns busing out your best dance moves or Godfather impersonations. And who can forget what should become the Veltrobot’s trademark song, Mr. Roboto by the Styx? Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

The Veltrobot is the way of the future. Once this technology becomes mainstream, more and more research and development will be funded and, sooner or later, the human race won’t ever have to do any heavy lifting again because your Veltropbot will do it for you!

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Via: Kinect-Controlled Humanoid Robot – Bring on the Robot Gladiators!