21 Bullet-Themed Gadgets and Accessories

It’s understandable that geeks who go crazy over games and sci-fi movies with futuristic weapons find themselves equally fascinated by ammunition inspired toys. These  bullet-themed gadgets, ranging from earphones to LED speakers, are for those who have a secret fetish for firearms, but are wary of playing with them for real.

Teknines 9 MM Earphones

Not only do they have an incredibly elegant design in the shape of a 9mm bullet (from the TEC-9 firearm), the Teknines SIFR 500 18k also come as the first ever earphones that measure only nine millimeters. They are enriched and plated with 18k gold and priced at $250. Limited edition only.

USB Bullet LED Speakers

Image Source: GeekAlerts

Its dual speaker strikes us with the design as sharp as a bullet. The colorful rainbow LED will flash when the song is playing, which makes it extremely enjoyable to listen to your favorite music at night.

Bullet Shaped USB Flash Drive

Mojo Laboratories created this bullet shaped USB flash drive not because they have made USB flash drive in the shape of everything else, but because the USB thumb drive looks really cool this way. It is a working 1GB flash drive that can be worn around your neck.

Water-Tight 380TVL Color Bullet Camera

Image Source: Latest Collest Gadgets

Dubbed as Water-Tight 380TVL Color Bullet Camera because of its shape, this super cool product of Impact clearly implies: “Watch out, a bullet is watching you!” This water proof camera can be mounted on your wall or ceiling with the included mounting bracket which makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor vigilance.

Bullet Airship

Image Source: The Register

Measured at 235 feet long and 65 feet in diameter in the shape of a bullet, The Bullet 580 is called the world’s largest airship by its creator – Canada-based 21st Century Airships. The impressive sleek design is intended to carry payloads of almost one tonne to altitudes of 20,000 feet on surveying or surveillance missions.

Bullet Pen

Image Source: CrunchGear

The pen is mightier than sword, and the statement has never been symbolized better with this bullet pen. The rugged Fisher .375 Caliber Bullet Pen is built to look like a .375 caliber rifle round. It can write upside down, under water and in extreme temperatures.

Choose Your Bullets Pen Stand

And what can hold bullet pens better than a revolver cylinder pen stand? Mexican product designer, Jorge Diego Etienne, has created a “Choose your bullets” pen stand that is a replica of revolver cylinder.

Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener

Image Source: Blick

One of the tiniest, most compact and yet sturdiest pencil sharpeners ever made, Alvin’s Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener is perfect to take along with you everywhere. It’s bullet like shape is a guarantee to bring back the sharpness of your pencil as fast as bullet speed.

Shotgun Shell Thermos

Designed as an oversized shotgun, this shiny thermos can keep your coffee smoking hot or your beer cold while you go out hunting with your gun.

Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Forget those boring girly hearts, bears or leaves, hit the party with these bloody cold bullets, made by this special Bullet Ice Cube Tray.

Bullet Bracelet Pendant Watch

Image Source: The Cool Gadgets

Designed by super creative minds at Hublot – the watch-making division of Confrérie Horlogère, Bullet Shape Bracelet Pendant “Liberty” is a bracelet pendant watch made from a titanium bullet head and black aluminium base. It features both digital and analog clock.

Bullet Jewelry

These extremely beautiful bullet rings stand proudly as a statement of the other half of the world: Guns and ammunition are not for guys only. BulletGirl has introduced various ammunition inspired jewelry ranging from rings, earrings, necklaces to bracelets. These designs, according to BulletGirl, are “symbols of inner strength, personal conviction, and an unflinching affirmation of self.” Bullet Girl Jewelry is made out of real bullet blanks that have been plated. Due to the natural metals of the bullet, the color may change over time. The prices range from $125 to $600.





Image Source: BulletGirl

Bullet Keychain

Probably one of the manliest gadgets you have ever seen, this sleek bullet is a keychain that doubles as a bottle opener which is a guarantee to impress your drink buddies anytime.

Bullet Keychain Presta Valve Adapter

Image Source: Bike Reviews

The handy bullet keychain is a solid brass Presta valve adapter that enables you to get air in your tires wherever there is an air pump. A keychain is attached to prevent the valve adapter from getting lost. It costs only 7$, and part of the profits are donated to the social cause.