Steampunk Thing from Addams Family

It’s creepy, it’s kooky, it’s also kind of cool and a new take on the eerie Addams Family famous Thing. For those unfamiliar with the Addams family, Thing is a disembodied hand.

Thing 1

Steampunk, in terms of design and art, refers to creating or modding an object with the appropriate materials (polished brass, iron wood and leather) with elements and craftmanship of the Victorian ages. This particular piece stands at a threatening 7″. The main “body” of Thing is made of Rubberwood, but also contains traces of brass, steel, lead and copper. The wind-up key, clock gear and steel wire gives the impression that it can move, which would come as no surprise as the piece is not only meant to look cool, but be functional as well. This particular Thing was created by Doktor A for the Addams Family show at the Wootini Gallery in North Carolina and can also be bought from the gallery for a mere $1400. Not cheap by any standards, but definitely worth the price for fans of steampunk and the Addams Family.

Thing 2

One of the best things about this piece is that, while certainly great for those that love the Addams Family, it is great as a standalone piece. It can be placed anywhere and still maintain its allure and attractiveness. While having a steampunk hand might raise an eyebrow or two, it looks like a piece of art rather than just a simple homage to a great comic, movie and show and ascends the macabre element of a disembodied hand to achieve, at the least, a great conversation starter.

Thing Back View

While this is certainly a bit pricey for a a simple piece of decoration, it is one-of-a-kind and is nostalgic for people of different generations. It’s clear to see that the artist put a lot of hours and effort into perfecting steampunk Thing.

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Thing Closeup Side View

Thing Front View

Thing three quarter view

Via: Spookypop