Kisai Kaidoku LCD Word Watch

Of all the nations that have manufactured unique watches, Switzerland and Japan must be the only ones that come to our minds immediately.

While Swiss watches are known for their classic, luxurious tourbillons, Japanese watches are known for their digitalized hi-tech watches that pack in more features than your average North American Smartphone does. Kisai Kaidoku defies this assumption in every possible manner that you could imagine.

Firstly, the design is so minimalist that you would think the watch was designed for a minimalism art competition. Secondly, the watch is not exactly digital because instead of revealing the time in digits, it tells you the time and date in words. Kisai Kaidoku comes in a limited edition collection, and the LCD watch design was conceptualized by 15 year old Tynan Mayhew. The time and date can be read exactly the way they are said in words, and that adds to the intrigue.

Kisai Kaidoku comes in a stylish, minimalist and unisex design, and is ergonomically designed to fit people with small and large wrists as well. The watch has a genuine leather strap which comes in black and silver colors. The Kisai Kaidoku with the black strap has a blue LCD display and the one with the silver leather strap comes with purple, green or blue LCD display. The watch also comes with an alarm and EL backlight that helps you with night vision.

For a 15 year old, Tynan Mayhew is remarkably talented and the young designer was surprised when his concept was actually manufactured by the people at Tokyo Flash. The Kisai Kaidoku costs $139, and is one of the coolest watches that I have come across.

Of course, you might need a little time to learn to ‘read the time’, pun intended. You could also take a look at other Japanese watches like the Retsu Wristwatch, Tibida LED Watches and the Denshoku Watch, which are all manufactured and marketed by Tokyoflash.