Modern Kisai Sequence Makes a Riddle Out of Time-Telling

The latest Kisai Sequence is yet another original approach at telling-time in a cryptic way. Tokyoflash’s timepiece doesn’t fail to impress people who are into geeky watches.

Unlike previous Kisai watches, which required a bit of time in order to figure out what time it is, Kisai Sequence is cryptic, but also easy to decipher. The alternating pattern of raised cubes is complemented by a custom made curved acrylic lens and some sub-surface digital tube LEDs that create an interesting effect.

Kisai Sequence displays the time in two different ways, but besides that, it has functions that are typical for LED watches. More precisely, it features a date mode, alarm clock, and six user-customizable animations. After all, an LED timepiece tends to be rather bland without such details.

There are four different versions to choose from, depending on the color of the LEDs and of the leather strap. The LEDs can be either red or blue, while the leather strap is available in white or black.

Depending on the way users choose to have time displayed, Kisai Sequence is easy or difficult to read. In one case, time is displayed on two rows and is very easy to ready, while in the other mode, the middle line of the digit is gone. All in all, the second mode isn’t impossible, either, but it may require some getting used to. In other words, the ones who are not aware of how this watch functions may remain perplexed.

Activating the LED display requires you to touch a button. In stand-by, the alternating cubes of the display and of the leather strap leave the impression that you’re wearing a bracelet, and the only detail that might give you away is the differences in color.

For the next 5 hours, Kisai Sequence is available at the promotional price of $109. This can be furthermore discounted by $4 after liking the page on Facebook. Below is a video of the watch in real world scenarios, so you can figure out if you like it or not.

Kisai Sequence charges over USB, fact that makes it really convenient. Fully-charging the included battery takes 3.5 hours, and under normal conditions, this should be more than enough for two months of use.

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