Kisai Xtal Hides the Time Under a Hexagonal Prism

This is the second watch bearing a hexagonal motif that makes the jump from the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog to mass production this month.

The hexagonal shape is not the only feature that Kisai Quasar and Kisai Xtal share in common, as both these LED wristwatches tell the time in a cryptic manner. While Quasar had the numbers representing the time hidden within hexagons, the Xtal makes them unreadable to the untrained by making a line disappear. Most importantly, the missing line is under the hexagonal prism that makes the face of the watch.

Time is displayed either in easy or cryptic mode, and six different user-selectable animations that combine the two modes are also available. Besides that, Kisai Xtal can also display the date and alarms.

Reading the time requires users to press a specific button. In stand-by, however, the LCD display is black, and the prism gives it a very futuristic look. Basically, the Kisai Xtal resembles a rather bulky bracelet when its display is turned off.

Kisai Xtal’s prism is in fact the edgy mineral crystal lens that dominates the middle of the timepiece’s face. Usually, Tokyoflash watches feature a single animation, but this particular LED watch seems to be different. The six custom animation the Kisai Xtal comes with enable wearers to illuminate the display each 15 minutes between 6 pm and midnight, for example.

As the manufacturer puts it, Kisai Xtal features a minimal watch design in futuristic material colors. The wristwatch comes with either a black or a gold metallic strap and a variety of LED color options: red, blue, green and white. As usual, I think that the golden version looks a bit tacky, but that may be a matter of taste. Regardless of the color of the LED, the black version has a silver trim on both sides of the strap, fact that accentuates its futuristic look.

Charging this wristwatch’s battery takes 3.5 hours. Upon doing so, people can use the watch for approximately two months. Of course, this period is conditioned by each wearer’s usage habits. As far as the gender of the wearers, it really does not make any difference. Kisai Xtal will look equally fine around the wrist of a man or a woman.

Kisai Xtal is available on the Tokyoflash website for $139, from which people can subtract $4 by liking the page on Facebook.

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