White Appeal of the Kisai RPM Acetate

The Kisai RPM Acetate watch from TokyoFlash could boast of being the leader in more than one manner. It is the first watch of a TokyoFlash fan to become reality. Secondly it is the first watch to be made of acetate, a material normally used to produce high end jewelry and spectacle frames.

Kisai RPM original was a concept submitted by James Fursedon. It was then voted as one of the most popular designs posted by a fan. It soon became reality and the Kisai RPM brought about a revolution in the time telling world. Small LED indicators helped read the time. All that it demanded of you was a little bit of additional skills. The same goes for this acetate version of the very popular RPM watch.

The Kisai RPM is a white colored attractive looking bracelet-type watch. If you are used to the TokyoFlash watches you will not make a mistake in recognizing this one but if you are not, you might mistake it for a bracelet. It hardly matters. Either ways it is an eye catcher, more so with the LED glowing on the face of it whenever you turn it on.

This limited edition stunning white acetate Kisai RPM might be said to be a replica of the original RPM watch. This is however, true only when function is concerned. The body has been given a complete makeover with the white colored acetate playing an important part in its appearance. The blue LED glowing on a white face is an unbeatable color combination. The smoked lens running along the edge of the central disc creates a magnificent look. Circling the smoked lens is the edge of the watch that has the control buttons. The strap is also made of acetate and has been given a seamless butterfly clasp design. This adds on to the bracelet effect. It is only on the back that you find a stainless steel cover for the case.

Where function is concerned it is very similar to what we have seen earlier. The inner LED ring signifies hours while the outer one is for the five minute counts. On the top of the outer ring are the single minute indicators. When you press the top right button the time will be displayed in the form of glowing LED sections. The watch is USB rechargeable and can be easily connected to your computer with the provided cable. One complete charge takes around three and a half hours and lasts for around a month.

Functions might be the same but packaging plays an important part. This is exactly what is happening with this watch. With a makeover the original RPM gets a completely new appealing look. Grab yours before it runs out of stock!

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