Transformers Bumblebee Cake

Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon is scheduled for release on June 29, 2011, and the excitement can just not be controlled. It can be felt even at General Motors who are equally excited about their Chevrolet Camaro. After all one of the main characters of the movie, Bumblebee is the Chevrolet Camaro-shifting Autobot and they thought up of a novel idea to express their excitement. It came out in the form of a 1,500 pound cake shaped like both a yellow Camaro and the Bumblebee. Who does not love cakes and when it comes shaped like a famous star like Bumblebee the buzz can be heard miles away. The gigantic sized cake was created by Buddy Valastro, the very popular Cake Boss star. The folks at General Motors had approached Buddy Valastro requesting him to create a cake which would be shaped both like the Camaro as well as the Bumblebee. This was supposed to be a detailed cake that would also serve the purpose of displaying the car along with the Autobot. Speculations were high as to whether Valastro would be able to deliver the desired results or not. Putting all anxieties and speculations to rest Valastro delivered much more than expected. The result was a marvelous cake which had moveable wings, lights and pyrotechnics.

Creating such a terrific piece was no easy task. Valastro and his team worked for four days and this also includes one complete night shift as well. Their 10,000 square feet bakery was too small to accommodate the entire cake and because of this they had to decorate this piece in a warehouse. Valastro admits that this was one of most difficult tasks undertaken by him but also one that he his most proud of.

All cakes are made of almost the same ingredients the only difference being in each ones flavor. This one too has nothing remarkable going in to its ingredient list. It is the same yellow sponge cake that we all enjoy. The decoration consists of Rice Crispy Treats, buttercream frosting. The Transformers figure has additional yellow and black frosting according to its original colors. What makes a difference here is the presentation. Even a regular cake would have tasted the same but if you manage to get a piece of this superb delicious sweet creation you will discover happiness that goes beyond the taste buds. It has the added flavor of excitement and joy and the fact that it is shaped like one of the very popular Transformers character.

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