Klingon LED Coffee Table Brings Stars into Your Living Room

Fans have numerous ways of expressing their love for the things or people they adore. In the process they also get to explore their creative aspect. Finally it results is an amazing product that has the very special touch of love and admiration to adorn its looks. The Klingon LED coffee table is also one of the same kinds of creations.

We have seen touch screen coffee tables too in the past but the idea of creating an LED table with the Klingons is an outstanding one. LED designs are increasingly becoming popular and the idea of inserting an LED feature into a coffee table is yet another design making excellent use of these lights. The triangular top coffee table is a mixture of pine, acrylic and a bunch of LEDs.

A Teacher of Technology Nick Woodrow is the person responsible for this brilliant piece of work. Currently based in North Devon, Woodrow considers himself to be a Lensman and his works go on to prove his talent. But by saying this, a Lensman would be doing injustice to his abilities. One bright and shining example to prove this right is the Klingon LED coffee table. Take a look at the table with all its little lights in action and you will not be able to resist admiring it.

The base, along with the three pointed legs, is made of pinewood and bears a very simple yet elegant design. The top is supported by acrylic rods with the top itself having a layer of acrylic. Running all through the top of the table are tiny LED emitting diodes that sparkle and twinkle in multiple colors. If you dim the lights in your room and watch the brightly colored table it would be like watching a starry sky with the only difference that you would be looking down rather than up. Whatever be the case, the view would be a magnificent one.

The popularity of the Klingons is no big surprise and to have a product inspired by them is very likely as they belong to one of the most popular series named Star Trek. Being a fictional warrior race in the television series they have their own fan following. They have their very own language and in fact quite a few popular literary works have been translated in their gibberish language.

Woodrow has caught the spirit of the Klingon and is now also offering to make similar tables for anyone who is interested in it. He definitely has not specified the price for it but if you are one of the diehard fans price should not be an issue.

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