Welcome the Millennium Falcon Table into your Living Room

The Star Wars charm never seems to die out. On the contrary it keeps coming back with renewed vigor. For all of us who have grown up in the Star Wars age the saga is a part of our lives and we try to include it in our day-to-day lives in some form or the other. Some of us like building up a collection of everything related to it while some like to create their very own collectible item.

John M and James M belong to the latter category. These two artist brothers have created a Millennium Falcon Table, a recreation of the spacecraft Falcon from the Star Wars saga. You definitely cannot find all the detailing as was in the original spaceship but the entire structure is a very close representation and fully fulfills the functional furniture purpose.

The Millennium Falcon coffee table was designed and redesigned with a lot of changes happening till the brothers finally came to one conclusion. As the Lukes had remarked about it in the movie calling is a ‘piece of junk’ John and James decided to go with a rust kind of color and hence zeroed in on bronze. The amount of bronze to be used to complete it could have greatly affected the project estimates but finally they stuck to bronze as nothing else could have served better. The outside edges were given a wooden veneer finish.

This 42 inch long table looks pretty impressive and is sure to be an attractive piece in your living room. The Falcon is neatly placed on a wooden base and given an elegant glass covering. It is almost like a resting place for this highly modified class YT – 1300 freighter.

The Falcon had first appeared in the 1977 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. From there it went on to appear in the Star Wars movies that came in 1980, 1983 and 2005. Not only that, it has also been a part of Star Wars Expanded Universe materials including books, toys, and games. It is one of the most popular movie merchandises in demand which is probably why it was chosen by John and James for the design of a coffee table.

The two brothers have teamed up to form an artist duo named R9 where they give shape to science fiction based functional art. They have successfully created a Han in Carbonite coffee table which is now followed by the Millennium Falcon Table.

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Via: Geek Art