The Konkreet Performer: A Source of Amazing Electronic Sound

Live music performances are the “in’ thing nowadays and there have been a lot of innovative techniques and instruments that have found its way into the world of music. These instruments help greatly in improving the quality of music, both on stage and in the studio.The Konkreet Performer is a very innovative control instrument that can be effectively used in live music performance. You may be curious to know what’s so innovative or unique about the Konkreet Performer. Well, it has an intuitive and unique multi touch interface that helps in reconnecting the musician’s actions directly to the music.

The Konkreet Performer control instrument takes full advantage of the possibilities created by the latest in multi touch technology. It offers a novel technique to control your DAWs, synthesizers and samplers. More than being a studio controller, the Konkreet Performer control instrument has been so designed to be a superior live performance instrument and to integrate effectively the dynamic audio and visual connection between the musician and the audience.

The Konkreet Performer is an unusual yet fascinating source of amazing electronic sounds. Its interface looks distinctly wacky and refrains from emulating old retro hardware gear. This control instrument is all set for use in the studio as well as on stage and addresses digital music control and live music performances in a totally novel way: musicians can look forward to exploring multi touch to the extreme.

Konkreet Labs takes pride in declaring that it took them a solid year to develop this control instrument, in association with Shai Levy and Gwydion ap Dafydd.The Konkreet Performer is designed to address two specific issues- music performance in this age of the laptop musician; and digital and electronic music instruments and DAW control in the age of multi touch. Musicians of late have started feeling the need to reconnect to the crowd and to make the whole performance experience all the more engaging. That’s precisely where the Konkreet Performer really comes in handy.

Musicians are able to create magic with their music, even while fiddling around with graphical elements, and are able to get constant audience feedback too. If you happen to be a live music performer or musician you would be thrilled to reach sounds that would have been much harder to find by just manually operating knobs. It’s a whole lot of fun to be able to concentrate and be in control of your instruments. Walk your way through the whole set of intuitive notes and is confident of changing twenty control parameters at the same time!

The only limit with the Konkreet Performer is just your imagination. Let it soar high with your music !

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