Mobile Fit iPhone Holder: Never Leave Your iPhone Lying Around

Most cellphones wind up damaged when they accidentally drop to the floor. Whether it’s falling from a work desk or a restaurant table, mobile phones are likely victims if you’re not careful. And when your precious iPhone is under consideration, then the Mobile Fit iPhone holder can be your best bet against nasty falls.

Mobile Fit iPhone Holder

This versatile stand and holder is a smart way to care for your iPhone, no matter where you place it. For only $23.30, you can easily attach your iPhone to the wall, a glass window, or any smooth surface. The Mobile Fit iPhone Holder comes in black and is made of polycarbonate material. Its neck can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing the iPhone to be viewed in portrait or landscape orientation.

How to Use the Mobile Fit iPhone Holder 1

How to Use the Mobile Fit iPhone Holder 2

How to Use the Mobile Fit iPhone Holder 3

The iPhone holder adheres to smooth surfaces thanks to the cohesive gel on the bottom. To use the iPhone holder, first pull the lever and stick the bottom on any smooth surface, like a wall or a table top. Push the lever down to create suction, and it securely holds in place. To remove the iPhone stand from the surface, pull up the lever to release the air. If the cohesive gel accumulates dirt or dust from use, simply wash it with clean water.

Mobile Fit iPhone Holder Portrait

The Mobile Fit iPhone Holder is simply a stand for your iPhone. It does not, however, have mechanisms to grip and secure the iPhone onto the holder itself. The holder won’t be much help if mounted onto the dashboard or window of your car. It is ideally attached onto the wall or desktop when the iPhone is charging or syncing, or when the user wants to watch movies on the iPhone.

There are other cool and geeky options for iPhone fanatics who don’t want their mobile phone lying around. For instance, this iZel iPhone Stand is perfect for those who like space-age style accessories. For those who are a bit eccentric, then this iPhone stand made from bent spoons and forks makes for an artsy yet functional work desk companion.

Either way, the Mobile Fit iPhone Holder can help organize desktop clutter, and prevent your iPhone from getting accidentally elbowed off the table. It can be rotated in any direction, and looks cool along with your iPhone or any other smart phone. Somehow it just makes you wish they had this in iPad size.