Google+ now suggests links when you browse mobile news

News afficionados on can now take advantage of Google+’s new mobile feature, giving them related sites to visit and expanding on their content browsing.


If you’ve been looking for a reason to ditch your RSS reader after Google viewer’s untimely demise on July 1st, this could be an excellent new way to check out your favorite news sites on Android. If you’re like us and browse your news on your mobile phone often, you’ll be happy to know that Android and iOS’s Google+ app now gives you related content based on your favorite news sites. The content displayed can be anything ranging from more articles by the same author, or links to similar or affiliated news sites from content writers and producers as well as a link to their Google+ page. The required scripting for this feature to work is a simple line of Javascript added to the content hosts. Check out a quick video of how this works:

Although this might end up having the domino effect and have you spending the entire day reading news after news, this is exceptionally great news for affiliate sites as it allows them excellent linking opportunities and increased page views.

Users on Windows Phone are unfortunately stuck dry this time around, but hopefully Google will find a way to implement this on Microsoft’s flagship OS before too long and give us all an opportunity to experience awesome related content. One way or another, this is bound to give Google’s social media network a bit of an increase in popularity and give users more reasons to dive into G+.

Source: Engadget and Google Blog

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