The Peashooter Clay Sculpture

Since ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, sculptures have been considered as an important form of art. Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo displayed their artistic brilliance in the form of sculptures. David, sculpted by Michelangelo, is widely considered to be one of the greatest statues of all time. Closer to home, we have the Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial, considered to be a landmark in Washington.

Modern day sculptures use a variety of material such as clay, paint, and plastics. The model we have for you today is a new age sculpture fashioned from clay, paint, and a fertile imagination. It may not be as important as a David or the Abraham Lincoln statue, but it promises to add color and a dose of creativity to your decor.

The Peashooter is a gorgeous, green colored clay model sculpted to resemble a plant sapling. The clay model is placed on a bed of brown stones with green shrubs and plant shoots surrounding the model. A glass jar covers the clay model and its ensemble.

The reason why the green clay sculpture is called the Peashooter is that the mouth of the sapling is designed to resemble the mouth of an actual peashooter: round and hollow. Just above the mouth sits two black dots that form the eyes of the Peashooter and adorable ones at that.  The base of the model is made of puffed triangles.

There is an interesting back-story to the Peashooter clay model. In its current form, the clay model is a plant sapling. The sculptor has imagined that the sapling will grow into a full-fledged peashooter plant that will protect your home from invasions of any kind. Particularly, zombie invasions.

This fascinating back-story makes the Peashooter a conversation starter when you have family or friends over. Since the green clay sapling is not available in retail stores, owning one would give the owner a sense of exclusivity. The colorful clay model would definitely grab the attention of visiting guests, making you a very proud owner.

Each Peashooter is delicately handcrafted with soft, moldable clay and carefully painted with a non-toxic acrylic paint. Smooth brown rocks and green shrubs have been handpicked by the sculptor to complement the plant model. With the Peashooter model, the user gets to play part time artist too. The user can decide the number of rocks and the placement of the shrubs in the glass jar.

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Via: Etsy