Super Mario’s 25th Anniversary – A Grandeur Event

Super Mario bros, Mario and Luigi are known to most of us. Age is no bar when it comes to playing this game and many of us are addicted to this game, even though we have crossed all the levels and are pros at playing this game.

There is something unique about this game that makes you feel like you’re playing it with the same excitement as the first time, every time you play it. So here is good news for all the Mario fans. Mario recently celebrated its 25th birthday at the New York store and boy was it successful! Fans of Mario just like you came and were present at this special occasion with Mario and his brother Luigi in the store.

The Manhattan’s Nintendo world store had a massive celebration with a gorgeous four layer cake and two people dressed in life size Mario and Luigi costumes. Many fans also had the opportunity to get their hands on playing a game of Mario when at the store, and a bunch of people donned the red and green hats that Mario and Luigi wear in the game. Fans also had the chance to try their hands on the new Super Mario Bros. Wii edition.

Mario’s birthday cake was the highlight of the evening which was very thoughtfully designed based on the theme of the Mario game, with Mario sliding down a rod from the top layer of the cake. As you can see for yourself in the pictures, each layer had a different scene, just like the different levels in the game. The cake looking aptly decorated was certainly very delicious, too.

A couple of other important people were present to grace this occasion, such as the creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto and the America Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime were there to raise a toast on Mario’s 25th birthday.

Apart from that, fans were seen having a great time, playing games, interacting with the creator of Mario, playing and posing for pictures with Mario and Luigi, watch Shigeru Miyamoto cut Mario’s cake wearing a t-shirt inspired from one of the levels of the Mario game. All in all, Mario’s special day and silver jubilee was celebrated grandly with many fans present that had a great and a memorable time.

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Via: Asylum. Com