Someone Stole Your Laptop? Humiliate Them on the Internet

Laptops and tablets are some of the biggest targets for thieves as they’re light and worth a pretty penny. They’re often pawned off quickly but new tracking software can not only recover your laptop but also humiliate the thief.

“This Guy Stole My MacBook”

This Guy Stole My MacBook is a Tumblr Blog with images and activity of the guy who stole Joshua Kaufman’s laptop. The thief, who has been pictured multiple times since the heist, raided Kaufman’s home and made off with the laptop and other electronics.

Kaufman knows where the MacBook is thanks to an App called Hidden which tracks the thief’s activity and can take screenshots of the screen or snapshots of whoever is using the laptop.

Unfortunately, the story has yet to end. Despite Kaufman knowing where his MacBook is and having most of the thief’s information, Oakland PD has been slow to respond and make an arrest. But, this is where things get interesting. Kaufman is appealing to the Internet and believes the thief, or someone close to him, will do the right thing.

Update: The story does have a happy ending!

“Update: (May 31, 8:37 PM PST) ARRESTED! An Oakland police officer just called me to let me know that they arrested the guy in my photos! BOOYA! The police used my evidence (email which pointed to a cab service) that he was a driver and tricked him into picking them up. Nice work OPD!

Update: (May 31, 7:38 PM PST) Thanks to the power of the Internet, I have the attention of the Oakland Police, who are tracking this guy down RIGHT NOW!”