Red Pop Brings Point-and-Shoot to Your iPhone

Many have ditched their digital cameras, instead opting for the on-board cameras that most of today’s mobile phones come with. The Red Pop is one way to bring back the feeling of using an actual camera. Some people will never give up their cameras, particularly those who use digital SLRs; the camera on a phone just can’t compete. However, for the more casual photographer, consolidating a camera into a cell phone has been a remarkable advancement. While digital point-and-shoot cameras have gotten much smaller in size, combining them with a device that people tend to carry with them at all times has still rendered them near-obsolete. Nonetheless, taking pictures with a cell phone can be mildly awkward at times, as it can be difficult to get a good grip on a slim phone and hold it still.

Red Pop iPhone Camera Attachment

Beep Industries’ Red Pop is a neat little creation which, in their words, helps to “bring the button back.” Quick and easy to attach, and not cumbersome, it allows users to snap photos much like they would on a traditional camera. By twisting the barrel, the docking socket is bared and the shiny red button pops up, begging to be pressed. After the phone is connected, a press of the button will snap a photo. Not only does the cylinder provide a nice grip and an easier-to-use button than the one on the phone, it also makes it easier to focus on setting up your shot.

You don’t have to worry about getting your fingers just right, finding the balance between holding the skinny phone, aiming the shot, and pressing the tiny button. Instead, the Red Pop truly takes it back to the simplicity of point-and-shoot with the use of a small accessory rather than carrying around a second electronic device. They’ve already reached their Kickstarter goal, but you can still contribute if you wish to help the project; donating $75 will not only get you their thanks, but a pre-order for a Red Pop of your own. For more photographic fun, don’t miss the Homemade DSLR Camera or our list of 12 Geeky Camera Designs.