13 Geeky Pancakes To Celebrate Pancakes International Day

Shrove Tuesday is a day in February or March preceding Ash Wednesday, which is celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes, making it pancake day. And science has proven that geeky themed pancakes taste better than regular ones. You can’t argue with science.

BB-8 pancakes

geeky star wars BB-8 pancakes

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Like Olaf from Frozen, the comic relief in a Disney movie stole the  show and crept into our hearts, so why not into our stomach? BB-8 is the cutest, sweetest droid to ever appear in the Star Wars universe, so he’s probably going to make an incredibly tasty pancake.

TARDIS Pancake

geeky TARDIS Pancake

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It doesn’t have Doctor Who inside waiting for more adventures or saving the world, but it looks delicious as is, even without any fruity or sugary additions on it.

Iron Man Pancake

Iron Man pancakeimage credit 

Pancakes are meant to be this serious, but when you’re talking about an Iron Mask of an Iron Man. So this might be sweet, but with a serious, metallic twist.

Batman Pancake

Batman Pancake

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The Dark Knight doesn’t look as ominous after a few minutes on the pan with butter and sugar. There’s nothing brooding about this Superhero pancake. Nothing but tastiness.

Pokemon Pancake

Pokemon Pancake

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While it seems cruel eating such a precious face like Pikachu’s, it’s worth it if you’re planning on feeling full and satisfied with your food.

Star Trek Spock Pancake

Star Trek Spock pancakes

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From serious to logical. And the thing that makes sense the most is eating a Spock pancake.

Mario Pancake

super mario pancakeimage credit

When Mario is smiling, it’s the most inviting smile in the entire Nintendo universe. And with such a welcoming face, how can you not take a bite?

Pusheen The Cat

geeky pancake Pusheen the cat

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If you spend some time on the Internet, you probably know Pusheen the Cat. And if there’s one plump looking cat on the Internet that seems like he’d taste good in pancake form, it’s Pusheen.

Superman Pancake

Superman Pancake

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If I’m not mistaken, the ‘S’ on Superman’s outfit is, well, off. But this design of Jor-El coming right at you to save the day doesn’t look just incredibly well done, it’s probably tasty too.

Elsa & Anna Pancakes

Elsa & Anna Pancakes

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The best sisters in the whole Disney Universe might come from the frozen lands of Arendelle, but once you heat them up and put them through the pancake making process they don’t seem so Frozen anymore.

Lego Pancake

lego pancakesimage source

While these LEGO-face pancakes look a bit sinister (Two of them at least), your kids don’t have to worry: It’s just the syrup. Evil looking or not, they taste really really good.

3D Dinosaur Pancakes

geeky 3D Dinosaur Pancakes

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Probably the most complicated of these pancakes to make, which makes it almost a shame to waste such a thing in a few minutes of breakfast. But once you dip it in chocolate syrup, even if it’s just a finger, let or piece of it’s head, you’ll find it difficult to resist eating the whole thing.

Mathematical Pancakes

Math Pancakes

Seeing these things while you’re on a math test can make your head explode. In pancake form? It only makes your tastebuds go boom, in a good way.

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