10 Meter Long Moving LED Light Show Is Hypnotic

At a recent exhibition in Taiwan, guests were treated to a 10 meter long moving LED light show that can best be described as simply hypnotic.

10 meter light show

The piece was recently displayed at the Hinschu Biomedical Science Park Exhibition Center in Taiwan. The curious thing is that the artist didn’t go to Taiwan to construct the project. Instead, he assembled the project in its entirety in his workshop and had it then shipped over to Taiwan to be reassembled by a crew on the other side. Sounds like that corporation might have dropped a few bucks in carefully shipping all those LED strips.

light show led lights

The display consisted of 30 moving triangles each with around 3 meters of LED strips inside. The lights and the movement of the triangles were all linked through a central controller, that could adjust the colors as well as the movement of the display.

The actual assembly took quite some time, as the artist had to not only build but also design all the controllers and motors for the piece.

10 meter light show set up

Sound like a lot of work? Apparently it was. According to our source, the artist had to largely assemble everything on his end by hand and test every piece to make sure it worked before he shipped it. Once it arrived, he had to repeat the process, only over the phone, and troubleshoot for the entire assembly process.

It was odd that the artist wasn’t invited to assemble the project on hand at the location, as it probably would have really cut down on the costs, but at least the end result is one really cool hanging display. I can only imagine how impressive it would be to see in person.

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