The Legend Of Zelda Theme Recreated with iPads

Not many old games can give its fans things to talk about 25 years after its release. This, clearly is not an issue for The Legend of Zelda for the NES.

A lot of us like to toy around with our iPads and many of the music apps found on their store, but undeniably, some geeks are geekier (and more musically inclined) than others. Belonging to this second group is YouTube user GuizDP, who has not only figured out each of the instruments that comprise the 8-bit madness that is the original Zelda theme, but also played them all and mixed them in a single video that recreate it in its full, epic glory.


If you’re ready to get blown away by Guiz’s playing in full-geeky mode, check below. There, you’ll see how using 4 different apps (2 for keys, one for drums and one for bass) the familiar theme rings once more, for everyone’s pleasure.

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