RC LEGO A-Team Van Packs An Engine Under Its Hood

LEGO vehicles are amazing as they are, but if you add an engine and a remote control system, what you get is genuine brilliance. The following A-Team van replica, made out of LEGO bricks, is proof of that.

This A-Team Van replica is the work of Vimal Patel, a LEGO master builder from New Zealand (who would’ve thought, judging by the Indian name?) who has created several other LEGO masterpieces in the past, his Omniboat being probably the most famous. Till now, that is! I should warn you that this replica was not made at a 1:1 scale. If you think anyone has the time and/or resources to build a life-size van out of LEGO bricks… maybe you should get yourself checked!

As you can see both in the following image and in the clip at the end of this post, the A-Team van is built entirely from LEGO bricks, fact that’s very impressive, to say the least. The only things not made by LEGO in this A-Team van is the battery, the circuitry and the IR sensor. Speaking of the IR sensor, as you’ve probably noticed in the title of this post, this is a RC LEGO A-Team van, so Vimal Patel gets even more extra points for that.

The ones who want to see the RC LEGO A-Team van from more angles, or who are curious about Vimal Patel’s other LEGO projects, can check his Flickr and YouTube accounts. Rest assured, none of his creations will disappoint you, especially if you have a soft spot for plastic bricks in your heart.

Other than that, what else could be said about this fantastic LEGO vehicle? After watching the following video, you might reach the same conclusion that I did: this LEGO car is really capable of running at awesome speeds! Not to mention that it performs quite well when taking the corners. I only wish more LEGO build masters would spend so much time to advertise their creations. After all, it’s for their own good, as thusly they receive more publicity and more appreciation, given that the right geeks hear of them.

From what it looks like, Vimal Patel does not lack creativity, nor engineering skills. Particularly because of that, it is important to keep an eye on this LEGO build master, to see what else he has in store for us in the future.

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