LEGO ARC Gun Sparks Creativity

LEGO prawns rejoice! The ARC gun has been successfully pieced together, but by a human? It’s true, but it will still be of use when you are trying to find LEGO fuel for your LEGO ship.

Self-proclaimed Legohaulic, Tyler Clites, created a 1:1 scale replica of the ARC gun made famous by the movie District 9. It may not shoot any kind of charge of electricity, but it would be hard to keep your tentacles off of this bad boy.

For those unfamiliar with the ARC Gun, it is an alien weapon that heats the unfortunate recipient of the blast until molecular expansion of gas blows the target to tiny LEGO bricks.

Previously, there have been posts about homemade ARC guns, but anyone can morph sheet metal and mold plastic. Only a true artist can take a large number of bricks and intricately put them into a masterpiece like this. Clites captured all of the detail of the ARC gun in this replica, from the angled stock at the back to the trigger mechanism, and the jagged barrel.

I’d like to see Wikus Van De Merwe try to kick the prawns out of their LEGO ghetto while they’re armed to the teeth with these ARC guns.

Movie props have become something fun to replicate over the years and quality replicas can be hard to find. Two LEGO tentacles up for this awesome creation.

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Via: Legohaulic