Lego Audio-Book Helmet

The future is here: and it’s straight out of an Isaac Asimov story. ‘All right children, put on your learning-helmets and let’s begin …’

Input data here.

I’m not even joking. This new creation from British designer Jonathan Robson is in the style of the classic Lego spaceman, but be warned: this helmet will not protect you from the vacuum of space. What it does do is allow kids to download and listen to stories via a USB port on the back, pictured here with its own lego-esque flash stick. They can then read along or look at pictures, using the buttons on the front of the helmet to skip back and forth between tracks.

Presumably it is also helpful if they are prone to head injuries while reading.

As a novelty gimmick, this is all well and good I suppose, but I kind of hope it doesn’t really catch on. Some of my best memories involve being read to while nestled up against the comforting warmth of another human being, slowly drifting off to sleep. In this case, drifting off while listening to stories may very well lead to suffocation.

Smile now children, while you can still breathe. Muahahaha!

What would endear me to this reading-helmet is an extra feature that could function as a noise-cancelling device for children, to use during long flights or in resturants. As soon as they add that, I am so in. No more bedtime stories from mummy for you, you little suckers.

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Via: Journal du Geek