British Birds Crafted in LEGO

If you are the kind of person who admires things built with Lego building blocks, you will certainly admire these British birds crafted in LEGO.

Thomas Poulsom is a British artist who has identified 6 birds native to the British Isles and crafted them using the blocks that we love so much. He has built models of Bobby Robin, Kingsley Kingfisher, Billy Blue Tit, Penelope Puffin, Gloria Goldfinch and Woody Woodpecker.

The first names of these birds seem to personify these endangered birds that are slowly being pushed back further into depleted wilderness. As cities and towns in Britain expand, the birds have begun to lose their natural habitat. Thomas has also been contacted by the charitable organization RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

The idea perhaps is to encourage people to become aware of the existence of these beautiful birds, and how they may one day not be there to admire at all. He plans to build many more LEGO birds similar to these, and hopes to rope in geeks in the quest of protecting our winged friends. If you are into historical birds, you could take a look at the Pegasus Statue, which was built with 3,500 Smartphones. Angry Birds Helicopter would please those who are still into that addictive game.