Pegasus Statue Created Using 3,500 Smartphones

It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s a giant Pegasus statue made out of 3,500 smartphones! No longer holding thunderbolts for Zeus on Mount Olympus, this Pegasus greets visitors to one of the biggest international conferences for mobile phones.

Greek mythology portrays the Pegasus, a popular mythological creature created by the god Poseidon, as not only a symbol of wisdom, but a symbol of inspiration for poets, writers, sculptors, and other artists. You only need to look at some of the ancient Greek shards of pottery found at archaeological digs, as well as sculptures, paintings, and other artistic endeavors from the ancient Greeks up through the Renaissance period and even until today, to see just how important this icon was and still is. But it does not end there, as now there is a beautiful winged Pegasus statue in Barcelona…that is made entirely of smartphones.

Those entering the Mobile World Congress 2012 probably could not help but notice this amazing Pegasus smartphone sculpture. Created by Chinese manufacturer Huawei out of what it is called the fastest smartphone in the world – the Ascend D Quad, this statue not only promotes the continual inspiration associated with smartphones and smartphone technology, but it also looks really cool as you walk into the conference.

It was created by the Machine Shop in London using 3,500 smartphone handsets and numerous supporting rods to keep it all together. In total, over 700 hours were used to create this statue, which measures at 19 feet tall with a wingspan of 16 feet!

Is this just as magnificent as the Pegasus Bellerophon used to slaw the Chimera or that Perseus used to save Andromeda from the Krakkan? Take a look at this video to learn more!

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