13 Amazing Lego Masterpieces

We all play Lego when we were kids, but Lego is not just a kid’s game. It can be a serious challenge for adults when it comes to grandiose Lego projects, each is made out of thousands of Lego pieces. Walyou has made a list of 13 most amazing Lego masterpieces that only those with serious passion and admired talents can create.

Lego Star Wars Droid Control Ship


Paul Yperman saw the Droid Control Ship in a Star Wars Cross Sections book and had dreamed of building one since then. After two years of hard work, an amazing Droid Control Ship was born out of 30000 pieces of Lego. The ship looks surprisingly real thanks to the tiles built outside the structure and the gray shades.

Lego Star-Wars Rebel Frigate


Via: Moc Pages

Steef de Prouw, a Lego master and apparently a crazy fan of Star Wars, has built an impressive LEGO model of the EF76 Nebulon-B escort medical frigate “Redemption”. Measuring 4 feet 6 inches long, the LEGO Star-Wars Rebel Frigate is big enough to dock the Millennium Falcon and 3 X-Wing fighters.

Lego Star Wars Invisible Hand Ship


Via: Geekologie

Star Wars and its awesome war machines seem to be the ultimate inspirations for Lego masters. Created by Mark Kelso, this huge spaceship is a Lego replica of General Grevious’ ship the Invisible Hand from Star Wars Episode III. The ship measures 73 inches in length, weighs about 30 pounds and must have taken ages to finish.

Lego Diorama of the Battle of Hoth


Consisting of almost 60000 Lego pieces, this grandiose Lego creation features the diorama of the battle of Hoth with the participation of AT-AT walkers,  X-wing fighters and the Echo Base of Rebel Alliance. The entire creation took Mark Borlase over 4 years to complete and cost about $3000.

Lego Starship



Via: Retard Media

Built by Jeff Pelletier over a period of 9 months, this 270 stud long Starship is big enough to accommodate a crew of 105, all with their own bunks. The interior is fully furnished over 4 levels with Briefing Room, Private Quarters, Mess Hall, Bar, etc. just like a real ship.

Wrath of God Lego Ship


If you are crazy about weapons and war machines, you will love this Lego creation by Kevin J Walter. With an intimidating name, the “Wrath of God” somewhat reminds you of the war frigates in the HALO series or the Emperor’s ships in Warhammer.

Lego USS Intrepid Model


Created by Ed “Lego Monster” Diment, the LEGO replica of the USS Intrepid is amazingly accurate both in scale and in details. At a scale of 1:40, the replica measures 23 feet long which is more than half the length of some of the newer double-decker bus model from the UK. For those who don’t know, the USS Intrepid is an Essex-class aircraft carrier, notable for its role in several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II.

Lego Colony Spaceship


Question: What will happen when both Dad and son are crazy fans of science fiction? Answer: A giant Lego Colony Spaceship. Thomas Grassman and his son Sebastian must have shared a lot of happy moments together building the ship.

Lego USS Harry and Truman Ship


The USS Harry and Truman nuclear powered aircraft carrier is one of the largest carriers in the US fleet; and its Lego counterpart – built by Malle Hawking out of 300,000 Lego pieces – is one of the biggest ever made out of Lego.

LEGO Crimson Permanent Assurance


GotoAndLego’s Lego creation is mind blowing piece of artwork that brings us back to the 1980s when the Monty Python’s Crimson Permanent Assurance was released.

Steampunk Lego City


Not only you can use Legos to build a house, you can use Legos to build a whole city. And it’s not any random city, it’s a steampunk city! The city is set in the post apocalyptic future, with rooftop gardens for growing some veggies, solar arrays and wind power to keep the city on the go, etc.

Lego Futurama


It took Pepa Quinn 6 months to complete this amazing Lego World of Tomorrow project, but the outcome is totally worth it. It is replica of the world presented in Futurama with famous landmarks like Planet Express, Robot Arms Apts, Madison Cube Garden and the sewers of New New York.

Lego Europe Relief Map


Via: Makezine

With the help of several other artists, Bruno Kurth and Tobias Reichling built the entire European map out of 53,500 Lego elements. The map is not only accurate, but also visually entertaining as it comes with monuments that mark popular landscapes in Europe.