LEGO Mecha Bowser From Zane Houston

Houston, we don’t have a problem (sorry, I couldn’t resist) at all with this kick-ass LEGO creation of Super Mario’s lizard-breathed villain, Bowser!

Mecha Bowser by Zane Houston image 1

Wowzers, Bowser! What in the Mushroom Kingdom happened to you? For some crazy reason you look more on edge (block humor!) than usual, and that’s saying something considering how prone to princess-kidnapping rage you are. Did you accidentally fool around with one of the magic wands from Super Mario Bros. 3? Was it one of those darn Koopa-kids playing a prank?

Oh, I know! You’re not the real Bowser; you’re just an amazing representation made entirely out of LEGO bricks. Yes, built by Zane Houston, an apparently forging mastermind of those world famous Danish plastic blocks, it’s Mecha Bowser! No wait, let me try that again, but with an appropriate “Godzilla attacking Tokyo” feeling… *ahem*


Mecha Bowser by Zane Houston image 2

Hmm, works better when you picture explosions, citizens running away in terror, and a fearsome roar blanketing the sky like what’s going on in my head…

Back to this monstrous creation, though, which according to Zane, was built for the “Like a Boss” contest hosted on the web photo sharing site Flikr, where participators were issued the challenge of coming up with their own LEGO-ized videogame boss.

The contest isn’t done until December 31st, but just looking over Zane’s entry – a lean, mean, pesky-plumber killing machine based off one gaming’s most recognized baddies (Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the back-story to this, and I know you are. It’s not Bowser per say, but a robot he built of himself in order to get rid of Mario & Luigi. Go it? Good.) – the field certainly has their work cut out for them.

Mecha Bowser by Zane Houston image 3

Winner receives a mighty sweet $250 gift card from LEGO enthusiast blogsite The Brick Brothers to any fine LEGO Store, which may or may not belong to Zane. There’s definitely time for another competitor to steal the top prize and blow the Internet’s collective, lol-cats fascinated minds. And I hope that happens, because if this is what one person can think up, imagine someone else.

The LEGO possibilities are endless, my friends! So be sure to head over to The Brick Brothers every now and then to see other submission in the “Like a Boss” contest, and if you what to see more pics of Zane Houston’s MECHA BOWSER or any of his other projects, go visit his Flickr page for more of that blocky goodness.

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