30,000 Piece Lego Star Wars Death Star Hangar

Jay Hoff, a super geeky teacher, had motive to give his little cretin banshees an assignment involving Legos for Science Discovery Day – he wanted to build a 30,000 piece replica of the Star Wars Death Star Hangar.  Jay had to shell out $2,300 for all of the pieces he needed, and had to pay for glossy paint.  Look – the Emperor doesn’t just walk on any hangar floor, that thing’s got to shine and sparkle.  To resemble this in his diorama, Jay painted the entire thing in gloss.  We wouldn’t want to get lightning fried like a piece of KFC Chicken, now would we?

lego star wars death star hangar

Impressive, sir.  The walls were probably the hardest part to build, seeing that the floor and stormtroopers were probably just hours upon hours of busy work.  The Lego Death Star Hangar model is an impressive six feet tall and six feet wide, and took Jay over six months of building to complete.  If you didn’t recognize the scene already, it’s from “Return of The Jedi,” and Palpatine is coming over to get some pizza and make sure that Vader isn’t slacking off.  Probably had a bit of fun – shot some hoops, choked some stormtroopers – you know, the usual.  My next art project – Emperor Palpatine with excessive plastic surgery.

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