East Meets West: Star Wars Sushi

There doesn’t seem to be a single aspect of daily life that you can’t fill with Star Wars… not even our desire for Japanese sushi. And as unlikely as that combination sounds, that’s exactly what Okitsugu Kado from Osaka decided to create. Oki has been building a reputation for himself thanks his elaborate, caring work that depicts the characters we came to know and love from the Star Wars franchise as sushi sculptures. Not only that, though, he has developed these along many others, from Gundam to Spider-man and other pop culture icons.


Oki’s healthy and tasty tribute depicts all kind of characters, not just the main ones, and Star Wars fans and sushi enthusiasts alike will be blown away by some of these. See, for example, how it’s not only about the pieces and colors but also carving that gives the characters expression and personalities. It’s almost like pumpkin carving, but more exotic and Eastern.



Most of these pieces are done for showing purposes (and they do indeed show some real talent), and will not be eaten by anyone, ever. This doesn’t worry us too much, as we’d feel bad munching off on the Emperor’s head, as tasty as that may be. Sure, we could scream “I’m saving the galaxy!!” while we go at it, but we doubt we’d convince anyone, and it’s not polite to chew and talk at the same time.


From the pictures, we can definitely recognize carrot for most of the orange textures and sweet potato and white radish for white, but the great mystery remains what was used for the green in Yoda’s sculpture (it looks great!).


We recommend going back to Oki’s blog, for he is a very talented guy, and besides his work with the Star Wars franchise, he has pulled off some great geeky and non-geeky pieces for sushi enthusiasts. We don’t recommend visiting if you’re hungry, though, or you are gonna get some awful cravings.