Tallest LEGO Tower Built In Brazil

As a kid, the main goal when playing with LEGOs was to build a tower so high that it reached the ceiling. Brazil took that goal to a whole new level, then another and another.

Adults and children of all ages pieced together the largest LEGO tower on record. Standing at 102 feet and 3 inches, the tower beat Chile’s previous record by seven inches.

Brick by record-breaking brick, over 6,000 Sao Paulo residents watched as a crane placed the last large block on the top of the tower. Total build time for the tower was four days.

While the main focus was to make Brazil the record-holder for tallest LEGO tower, the main organizers wanted to help promote working as a team. Using 500,000 bricks overall, participants created hollow boxes that were then stacked by a team, then held in place by wire. The wire wasn’t used to prevent your brother from running through and smashing what you’ve been working on all day, but to prevent the wind from toppling the massive tower.


Some main blocks of the tower have symbols placed on the side, while most of them are a hodge-podge of multicolored piece placing.

This plastic skyscraper may be the biggest to date, but with the last record only lasting close to half a year, some other city may soon hold the record.


The first recorded LEGO tower was in 1988 in London. Previous record-holders include Germany, Norway, Denmark and Russia.

Sadly, LEGO will not be releasing a collector’s edition of the tower in any form. I imagine a 500,000-piece set would cost a pretty penny.

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Via: The Telegraph