A Batgirl & Nightwing Themed Wedding

When you meet and fall in love through a conversation about Batman, it’s only natural that the theme of your wedding will be about a love story from within the Bat-Family with Nightwing and Batgirl.

While putting on black leather and capes wasn’t something their parents probably could have lived with, having action shots pre-wedding, while getting your best men and women dress up accordingly and pushing for all the possible motifs on their clothes and the wedding cake is probably cool enough, and probably more than that.

Before the Wedding, When You Can Look Really Cool

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The Mandatory Posing With Matching Action Figures

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A Little Bit More Action Shots

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The Bride Suiting Up for the Wedding

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The Entire Suped Up Wedding Cast

Wedding Cast

And the Geeked-Out Cake, Naturally


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