Yoshi and Luigi Gone Lego

Everyone’s favorite video game goes Lego for some added fun. This Belgian artist has constructed the brother of our favorite plumber and his trust Dino friend out of playtime bricks.

Anything can be built out of Legos and DM_Meister is trying to prove just that with his series of Lego designs.

Straight from his studio in Belgium come these Luigi and Yoshi statues, each coming in at around 80 cm tall. The statues are built to be as true to the characters as possible, with every dimension of the characters fully scoped out in imaging programs to perfect the look of these gaming fanboy masterpieces. These sculptures are so true to the characters they might even beat out this Lego Batman for the top prize of being completely awesome.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these statues is the fact that DM_Meister, also known as Dirk, fully documents the entire building of his Lego statues. While most take a little over forty hours to complete, Yoshi alone took a whopping 60 hours to put together from the first brick placed to the last brick glued into place. He starts with the following Lego base.

And from there, he builds upward until his creation is complete.

The amazing attention to detail and accurateness of the statues makes the Lego effect almost seem like traditional pixilation come to life. At first glance, the photographs themselves almost seem like screenshots from your favorite Mario world game. Dirk makes building these mammoth structures seem incredibly easy, but cites many problems with creating the statues.

Yoshi in particular caused him a large amount of trouble. The dino-like body structure of our favorite green guy meant that the weight of the statue was thrown heavily to one side. Dirk remedied this problem by building a support structure (also out of Legos) to hold our buddy together.

While some people have asked Dirk why he doesn’t just modify brick pieces to make the objects easier to create, he claims to have a “purist” approach to his arm. While he is willing to use external supports to help put a project together, he says he will never do any alterations to the Lego pieces themselves.

This isn’t the first time that Dirk has tackled a Nintendo project. In the past he has created a mammoth Mario statue which is four times as big as his little brother Luigi. Yoshi was built for gaming conventions and is currently on the road. However, Dirk has received no offers for Luigi and the green counterpart of the Mario team now remains safely stowed away with the Lego man himself. While the Lego route was certainly inspired, a number of other great Mario statues have been built, like this Mecha-Luigi. It will be interesting to see what the next step in combined childhood nostalgia and adult ingenuity will bring.

Via: DM_Meister on Flickr