LG create a paper-thin TV that can be hung anywhere

LG have a new, fantastic concept for those who move their TVs every so often: one that can be “mounted” on walls just like magnets on a fridge.


The LG team have introduced a new, incredibly light and thin 55-inch television sporting a flexible screen that bends, and can be hung on any wall using magnets. This is a concept proof, and there is no certainties of when it will release in the market, or if will come out at all – the real focus of the event was showing LG’s vision for the future, and how important OLED screens are going to be moving forward.

Still the concept is impressive: less than a millimeter thick, and light enough that a few magnets can hold it to the wall, according to CNET, it makes this set pretty much paper-thin. Also, the idea of screens this flexible is exciting by itself.

LG is currently locked in a race with the Samsung team to develop fully flexible gadgets (TVs, smartphones, and so on) but it wasn’t really clear how any of this would benefit the user and be more than a vanity feature until we started seeing concepts such as this: can you imagine folding the TV around yourself (it’s light enough, anyways) in order to not bother the other people sleeping in the same room?

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