Spotify adds podcasts and videos to their service

Streaming giant Spotify has confirmed they will be adding videos and other content in order to remain competitive and offer more media to their users.  This measure comes at just the right time to give a fair fight to Apple’s imminent rival platform, formerly known as Beats.

Spotify podcasts 1

One of the big pushes Spotify are doing come in the form of agreements with major media outlets such as NBC, ABC, MTV, TED, CBS Radio and BBC amongst many others, and according to their CEO Daniel Ek, this will only increase in time.

The announcement was made in New York City, where they also discussed the redesign of their mobile platform, where users will now be able to jump from a playlist to the other, and pick the right one for the moment of the day or age of the user.

Spotify podcasts 2

“From the moment you wake up until you go out at night , the new homepage offers just the right music. Do you need a playlist for Monday morning? Done.  The right melodies to concentrate after eating? Covered. And because Spotify can recognize what you like or don’t, you will be sure to hear just the right music, chosen by our internal experts or straight from your personal collection, whatever the moment may be. The recommendations will adapt in time to your taste and mood”, said Ek.

Besides, the mode for runners (aptly called “Running”) will offer music not only based on the users’ likes, but also their rhythm, by using the smartphones’ sensors. As of now, this only works on iPhone devices, but in time…

Spotify podcasts 3

These new features are already working in select countries, but the next few days should see them going live for all users in the rest of the world.

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