LG KizON Wearable for Children Launches in Europe

Seeing how children gadgets represent a niche that has not yet been exploited by other tech giants, LG proceeded to developing KizON, a wearable that this week will be available in Europe, as well.

KizON was launched back in July, but only in LG’s home country, South Korea. Either it has been a great success there and the tech giant wanted to bring it to other markets hoping it would fare the same, or it didn’t do so good and LG had to place a bet on other continents. Either way, it’s great to see that more kids and parents are getting to use this gadget and enjoy the high degree of safety it offers.

“KizON was developed in response to customers’ opinions that technology should be used to improve the lives of all consumers and it occurred to us that children had the most to gain because they’re the most vulnerable,” pointed out Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “With KizON meeting the highest standards of child-friendly products, parents and guardians can find comfort in knowing that their children’s first exposure to wearable technology is a safe one.”

Indeed, no parent would ever want their pre-school and primary school children to use a smartwatch or fitness tracker and pay attention to that instead of learning how to read and write. Instead, the KizON is inconspicuous, both to the children and to the ones who would ever want to harm them. Using this eco-friendly wearable and its companion app, parents are aware at all times of the children’s location.

The battery of the KizON wearable should last for up to 36 hours, and when it gets below 20 percent, the device emits a sound and sends a notification to the smartphone so that the parents know when to charge it. Parents are also given the option to communicate with their children using this device, so LG gets even more points for that.

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