LG Triptych: Tablet and Phone Rolled into One

Concepts give us the freedom to think and imagine. The ever developing technology helps convert concepts to reality. We have been seeing this in many walks of life and it won’t be long before we see the new concept phone Triptych from LG enter the real world.

Triptych is one among the crowd of concept phones being showcased every now and then. It has the ability to stand out from the crowd, rather overshadow all the others around it. It is large enough in terms of idea as well as size considering the fact that its screen will be one of the biggest when launched.

Triptych, the concept phone, is not just a phone but goes miles ahead. With one flip you will be able to see this smart phone convert itself into a tablet. Its two displays will join together to form one large, ‘giant’ size display which gives you an extra large screen. At the moment there are phones with a fairly large display to serve the purpose of a phone but not suitable enough for reading or watching video. Technological advancement has always come to the rescue of mankind and here too you will see the phone take a leap ahead. The handset with two screens forming one will serve as an excellent reading tool as well as wide screen television.

Keeping with the times of the present day smart phones, designer Edward Hale has planned to have the operating systems like the Android, Symbian or Windows installed in the phone. This is bound to increase the utility of the phone-cum-reader by leaps and bounds.

It is however, to be noted here that this is not the first time that some additional application has been plugged in the phone. When the mobile phone was first launched it was merely a phone. It served two purposes of making/receiving calls and telling the time. Gradually increased functions joined in and today one phone can play music, show videos, take photographs, record short movie clips, store information, and function as a phone book. So on and so forth. Now the concept of clubbing together the tablet has also come which increases the versatility of the mobile phone.

As of now it is yet in the prototype stages and has miles to cover before it can emerge in the physical world. Till then we can all play the waiting game.

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